The Manx Trials Club organises and promotes motorcycle trials in the Isle of Man for solo and sidecar machines for all abilities, with the emphasis being on the enjoyment of the sport. Events are held throughout the year for modern and classic twinshock machinery.


We are reliant on the continued generosity of landowners for providing access to the fantastic trials areas we have on the island and wish to express our thanks to them along with our loyal observers who regularly give up their time.


Our premier event is the Manx International Classic Trial which has become a key element of the Festival of Motorcycling and attracts riders from all over the world to ride our classic sections and enjoy the beautiful scenery of our island.



Thanks to everyone who turned out for yesterdays event - We believe that this was the first competitive trial to be held in the British Isles since the Covid-19 pandemic and the 70+ entry showed that everyone had been missing their riding.


Feedback indicates that everyone enjoyed their day and are looking forward to the next one.


Thanks also to all observers, landowners and Foxdale Football Club for generous use of their car park.




Scene at the Start of Trial on Sunday 12th July

Future Events

Now that we are able to obtain permits to run events again the committee have met to discuss a revised calendar for this year. All events will count towards the club championship.


As notified previously we are running a Two Day Runaround event over the weekend of 29th & 30th August. This will primarily cater for Pre 65 & Twinshock machines over the usual hard & easy routes but there will also be classes for Air cooled monos and modern bikes. The route will be similar on both days with one long lap & approximately 32 sections and will include use of public highways requiring machines to be road legal and licensed. To ease the administration required with a two day event and assist with organising observers ALL entries must be submitted in advance and to enable this we will be holding a signing on evening on Wednesday 19th August from 7.30 - 9.30pm at the Horse & Plough at Ballacottier Business Park.


The event provisionally scheduled for 15th August will not now go ahead.


The Manx International Classic Trial Committee regret to announce that this years event scheduled to be held on 5th & 6th September has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus. Our committee are all bitterly disappointed as I am sure you are but it is the only option available to us. We have delayed making the decision until now in the hope that we would reach a point where we could be confident that the current restrictions on travel, mass gatherings and the like would be lifted by September and the event could run safely. However we have now reached the point where we would need to ramp up the organising activity, and we appreciate that visiting riders need the opportunity to transfer/cancel travel and accommodation arrangements, so the decision to cancel was taken. With the information available to us at this time the following main issues exist:-


  • The Isle of Man’s borders are currently closed and there is no indication of when they will open – the IOM Government having stated last week that ‘the borders will not be open any time soon’

  • All the islands hotels, guest houses and the like are currently closed with no indication of when they will be permitted to begin operating again

  • There is currently a ban on all mass gatherings and there is no guarantee that this restriction will be eased sufficiently to allow the numbers of riders & spectators we normally attract to congregate

  • Whilst the AMCA in conjunction with the ACU are currently formulating a plan to recommence motorcycle sport in July the early indications are that this will be on a very low key basis and would not provide for a multi venue and large event such as the Manx International Classic Trial


Manx Trials Club

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