The Manx Trials Club organises and promotes motorcycle trials in the Isle of Man for solo and sidecar machines for all abilities, with the emphasis being on the enjoyment of the sport. Events are held throughout the year for modern and classic twinshock machinery.


We are reliant on the continued generosity of landowners for providing access to the fantastic trials areas we have on the island and wish to express our thanks to them along with our loyal observers who regularly give up their time.


Our premier event is the Manx International Classic Trial which has become a key element of the Festival of Motorcycling and attracts riders from all over the world to ride our classic sections and enjoy the beautiful scenery of our island.



Manx International Classic Trial 2019

Following difficulties with observer boards during recent years the Event Committee have again decided to utilise the punch card system for recording riders scores as used for last year’s event.


To ensure this does not cause delays to the flow of riders through each section we are looking to position an Observer’s Assistant at the end of each Section to punch the rider’s card to record the score advised by the Observer.


Should anyone wish to help in this capacity or as an Official Observer and get involved with this International Event, and who could spare a few hours on either or both days of the Trial, could they contact our Chief Marshal Ian Gribble by e-mail or telephone 07624 432452


Everyone is welcome - No previous experience or in-depth knowledge of trials scoring is required.



Manx Trials Club

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