1st and 2nd September 2018


Observers Required

Following difficulties with observer boards during recent years the Event Committee have decided to utilise the punch card system for recording riders scores at this year’s event.


To ensure this does not cause delays to the flow of riders through each section we are looking to position an Observer’s Assistant at the end of each Section to punch the rider’s card to record the score advised by the Observer.


Should anyone wish to help in this capacity and get involved with this International Event, and who could spare a few hours on either or both days of the Trial, could they contact the Club via our e-mail address ManxTrials@aol.com or our Chief Marshal Ian Gribble by e-mail gribble@manx.net


Everyone is welcome - No previous experience or in-depth knowledge of trials scoring is required.

Directions to Start Locations

This years event will start at the Southern 100 Paddock, Castletown on Saturday and St. John Car Park on Sunday.


Click on the .pdf file below to see maps giving directions to both start locations.  

Directions to Start Locations
Adobe Acrobat document [808.3 KB]

Section Layout

Following a bit of confusion last year from some riders with regard to the layout of sections and particularly the clubman deviations we have produced the diagram below to hopefully explain the system clearly.


The Premier route is denoted by the usual BLUE flags to the left and RED flags to the right. Where there is a deviation for the Clubman route this is denoted by WHITE flags to the left and GREEN flags to the right.


There will be a mock-up Section set out at the Sign-On Evening in case there are any queries - IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK


Punch Cards

Riders will be issued with a total of 4 cards throughout the course of the event.


A Punch Card displaying their riding number will be handed to each rider at the Start of each day. This first card covers the morning group of sections and must be exchanged, with the Results Official at the end of the last section before lunch, for the afternoon card. The afternoon card must then be handed to the Results Official at the end of the last section of the day.


It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure their card is punched on the correct line at each section and that all their cards are handed in to the Results Officials as detailed above. A souvenir Lanyard will be provided in the Rider’s pack issued at signing-on to assist in securing and transporting the punch cards around the route.

Supplementary Regulations

2018 Supplementary Regulations
2018 Regulations.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [444.6 KB]

Travel Packages for 2018

The IOM Steam Packet Co. are offering discounted travel packages again for next years event - see below for details. Click below to access their website


Discounted Travel Packages
IOM Steam Packet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [53.4 KB]

A selection of images from last years event kindly provided by John Ferguson

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