31st August & 1st September 2019


Observers Required

Following difficulties with observer boards during recent years the Event Committee have again decided to utilise the punch card system for recording riders scores as used for last year’s event.


To ensure this does not cause delays to the flow of riders through each section we are looking to position an Observer’s Assistant at the end of each Section to punch the rider’s card to record the score advised by the Observer.


Should anyone wish to help in this capacity or as an Official Observer and get involved with this International Event, and who could spare a few hours on either or both days of the Trial, could they contact our Chief Marshal Ian Gribble by e-mail gribble@manx.net or telephone 07624 432452


Everyone is welcome - No previous experience or in-depth knowledge of trials scoring is required.



Directions to Start Locations

This years event will start and finish at St. John Car Park on both days, heading South on Saturday and North on Sunday.


Click on the .pdf file below to see a map giving directions to the start location.  


Directions to St. Johns Car Park.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [699.8 KB]

Section Layout

See the diagram below which explains the section marking for the Premier route and Clubman deviations.


The Premier route is denoted by the usual BLUE flags to the left and RED flags to the right. Where there is a deviation for the Clubman route this is denoted by WHITE flags to the left and GREEN flags to the right.


There will be a mock-up Section set out at the Sign-On Evening in case there are any queries - IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK

section layout.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [310.1 KB]

Punch Cards

Riders will be issued with a total of 4 cards throughout the course of the event.


A Punch Card displaying their riding number will be handed to each rider at the Start of each day. This first card covers the morning group of sections and must be exchanged with the Results Official, where noted on the Rider's Route Card (issued at Signing-on), for the afternoon card. The afternoon card must then be handed to the Results Official at the end of the last section of the day.


It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure their card is punched on the correct line at each section and that all their cards are handed in to the Results Officials as detailed above. A souvenir Lanyard will be provided in the Rider’s pack issued at signing-on to assist in securing and transporting the punch cards around the route.

General Information

IOM Steam Packet Travel Packages
IOM Steam Packet Classic Trial 2019.pdf
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2019 Regs.pdf
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Manx International Classic Trial Privacy Policy
Classic privacy policy.pdf
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Final Overall Results
2018 Final Overall Results.pdf
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Final Class Results
2018 Final Class Results.pdf
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2018 Trial Report

Many thanks to John Watterson from IOM Newspapers who has provided a copy of his report below


Stephen Murphy 185 Drayton Bantam - Overall Winner

AFTER a generally dry and warm summer, with near-perfect conditions for the Manx Two Day Trial in July, last weekend’s classic was the dankest and wettest in its 22-year history.


Much of Saturday’s route - centred on the Southern 100 paddock on the outskirts of Castletown - was shrouded in mist and low cloud, with light rain for a good percentage of it. The early groups were Poyll Vaaish, Ballarock, Sloc Corner, Scard Farm and Ballarobin, followed by Cringle Plantation, Glen Rushen Gulley and South Barrule Gulley, a short break then South Barrule Quarry, Gibdale, Moaney Moar, Billown Glen and finally back to the coast at Scarlett.


Twice former winner James Harland of Northumberland, whose parents live in the north of the island, was joint leader at the end of day one on his Triumph Twin with Ulsterman Stephen Murphy. The latter, winner of the of the event’s premier twinshock class on five separate occasions, had decided to change to the pre-65 class last year and made a late change from a similar Triumph Twin to a somewhat lighter Drayton Bantam for this year’s event. One behind them was Lancastrian Chris Gascoigne on the 250 Francis Barnett with a loss of five. Leading locals were Kevin Whiteway of Onchan on the Triumph Cub with a loss of 12, four marks behind multiple former world champion Yrjo Vesterinen, and Stephen Lace on a Triumph Cub with a loss of 36.


Scotsman Jim Tennant led the larger Pre-65 Clubman class on his Francis Barnett with a loss of seven, followed by John Chatto of Buckinghamshire on the 250 James with nine. Leading locals were Gary Holmes (Ariel) on 18 and Ashley Gardner (Cub) on 24.


Yorkshire’s Darren Wasley topped the Twinshock Premier class with an impressive single dab ride on the 156 Fantic, way clear of Welshman Steve Martin on the Yamaha Majesty with 15. Leading locals were Graham Christian (Yamaha Majesty) on 17 in third spot and Wayne Wardell on a similar machine (Graham’s former mount) in fifth on 19.


Visiting rider Martin Gilbert led the Twinshock Clubman class on his 60cc Honda TM with a solitary five to put him three in front of Ignacio Carro of Spain on the Bultaco. Nigel Wood was the leading local in 10th spot on the Honda with 17.

Darren Wasley - Fantic - Twinshock Premier Class Winner

THE hub of the event moved to St John’s on Sunday, but there was sadly no change in the weather, indeed, if anything, it was worse. The route started in the trees beside Ballig Bridge, before moving on to Eairy Beg Plantation at Glen Helen, then Little London and Slieau Dhoo where the mist was so dense it was not possible to see the ends cards from the start of the section. Ballaugh Plantation was followed by the traditional sections at Cluggid Gate and Cronk Garrow in Sulby Glen, but the toughest were arguably the pair in Tholt-y-Will Plantation. The day ended with sections at Druidale watersplash, Colden Plantation, Kings Forest, Bernie’s Glen and nearby Cooil Slieu in Greeba.


County Down man Stephen Murphy kept his cool to drop nine, the same as 2017 winner Phil Houghton on the Triumph. The combined scores for two days put Murphy ahead by four in the final standings, with leading newcomer Ian Peberdy of Hampshire moving up the order to third on an overall tally of 21.

Harland slipped to fourth on 26 in the heavier conditions, the same score as all-rounder and former TT rider Kiaran Hankin (James). Local, Kevin Whiteway dropped out of contention after a strong start to the weekend to finish 18th on 64, 10 marks and one place up on Stephen Lace. 


John Chatto grabbed the pre-65 Clubman class honours with a day two score of one for a final score of nine, two fewer than newcomer Josep Puig of Spain, who stayed feet up all day on the 175 Bantam.

Again, the locals were nowhere close to a sniff of the podium with pilot Ashley Gardner the best on 46 in 22nd place.


Darren Wasley produced another good ride to seal the Twinshock Premier award with a final loss of 22.

Local man Wayne Wardell got to grips with the Yamaha Majesty on day two to leap-frog his way up from fifth to second place on a final tally of 44. His Sunday score of 25 was only four down on the winner’s. Graham Christian dropped to fourth, behind Majesty man Steve Martin. Matthew Lund and Daniel Smith were second and third in the Twinshock Premier Under-35 category won by Russell Rooksby of North Yorkshire.


Martin Gilbert successfully defended his lead in the Twinshock Clubman class with a day two loss of four, giving him nine for the weekend, again half the score of runner-up Miguel Garcia Cuesto of Spain on the Bultaco. Best locals were Nigel Woods, sixth on 32, and Mark Lund, 16th on 52.


Here's hoping for much better weather for next year.


Here are some shots from the weekend kindly provided by Mike Radcliffe Photography


If anyone has any other good shots they would like to share please send by e-mail or to our facebook page 

Further shots kindly provided by Jon Ferguson - see our facebook page for many more

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